Management-challenges and digitalization are on the radar-screen.

We spread knowledge, write books, share thoughts on blogs, videos, give seminars, participate in different industrial development-projects. We also provide disrupting consulting, analysis of industry and advice concerning strategic choices to be made.

We invest in the future to be.

Run jointly. Henrik Blomgren, MSc in Engineering and PhD in Industrial Management. Åsa Blomgren, MSc in Business.

Both of us have been in and out of this venture in different ways over time. Nowadays it is a part-time business mainly run by Henrik. Now, again, he is also back at KTH.

It started off small; ages ago Henrik was a PhD-student at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, the department for Industrial Management, INDEK, Stockholm, Sweden. Later on, consulting also for Åsa. However, today she is a full-timer in the financial sector.

Reach: HenrikBlomgren.memoraviATyahoo.com.

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