About memoravi

Our company is run jointly by Henrik Blomgren, MSc in Engineering and PhD in Industrial Management, and Åsa Blomgren, MSc in Business.

Memoravi stand for Remembering. Remembering the Advices we give. The Visions we stand for and share. And Investments done or suggested. Among else we provide analysis of industry, disrupting consulting and second opinions concerning strategic choices to be made. We also write books, share our thoughts on bloggs, give seminars, participate in different industrial development-projects etc.

Over the years that our activities have existed, we have changed structure as well as direction somewhat. During the early 90´s it started of as a hobby when Henrik was a PhD-student at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, the department called Industrial Management, INDEK, in Stockholm, Sweden. Later on it became a fulltime-job for Åsa during some years. Nowadays it is mainly a part-time activity since Henrik is, now again, working at KTH and Åsa is working at IF.

At this moment we mainly focus on fundamental industry change particularly driven by technological shifts and globalisation. It is not coincidence that the overall effects of the digital economy is on our radar-screen. Combining Technology and Globalisation creates huge opportunities for fundamental market change and development of todays industrial landscape.

And we definitely do care about…digitalisation.